Saturday, 25 May 2013

New beginning

I am a member of a brilliant beading forum called Bead Buddies. It is run by a hugely talented craftswoman called Sooz, and it is Sooz who has encouraged me to start this blog. So when I bore the pants off you, it is all her fault :-)

My day job is quite stressful, as are most jobs these days, and I like to make jewellery to relax in my spare time. I sell my work online  on my website  and at craft fairs;  I love the thrill of setting up my stall and meeting the other stallholders. I try to make my stall look as inviting as possible and I enjoy finding pretty packaging and display items. 

I work in London but live in a pretty village in Surrey. As soon as I get off the train in the evening I can feel the stress of the day sliding away. I walk home across the field, listen to the birds and look up at the trees and and the sky. It's a lovely place to live. 

Occasionally a couple of the ducks from the village pond mistake puddles in the field for new ponds and suddenly pop up out of the grass. 

I share a house with a friend and between us we have one rabbit, three guinea pigs and a cat. It is our dream to have a house in the middle of nowhere [but it would have to be on a Sainsbury's delivery route!] where we could take in all kinds of abused and unloved animals, from horses and sheep through to hamsters and bunnies. All would be welcomed and none would ever be turned away.

I like to ramble, in both senses of the word; I like to walk and I also like to talk, usually about anything and nothing. I can be a bit of a Victoria Meldrew too and occasionally a drama queen, although I would vehemently deny it!

I love jewellery; a little bit of sparkle and some pretty colours. My own jewellery is quite dainty. I love finding unusual beads and findings, and can spend hours online looking at all the beading shops to try to find that special bead. I don't make complicated things, I just try to make pretty things to wear and enjoy. 

I'm not sure where this blog will go. Sometimes I will show you pictures of my jewellery and sometimes I will just witter on about something that has happened during the day or that has caught my eye. I hope you enjoy visiting my page.