Sunday, 9 June 2013

Trouble with technology

Today being Sunday, I was planning a nice restful day before going back to the day job tomorrow.  Do a bit of laundry, clean out the guinea pigs and bunny, that sort of thing, then a nice restful afternoon updating one of my online shops. 

Well,all went to plan apart from the 'updating the shop' idea. Bit of a glitch with the technology, and I couldn't upload any photos, which is a bit of a problem when customers need to see what I'm selling. So, as I can't do that, I thought I would show some of my newly made items here instead. 

These first earrings have some lovely agate oval beads. I'm not normally keen on shades of brown, but these are lovely, very tactile and some gorgeous nutty brown colours in them.

 I made this bracelet at a recent fair, when it was very quiet. It has pale frosted pink crystals with tiny silver-lined seed beads and round AB crystals to catch the light. The clasp is a beaded loop with a little enamelled pansy button. It looks like a bracelet for a bride or bridesmaid, so it will be going in the new bridal section on my website.

This is another piece for the new bridal section. This is a necklace of pretty silver grey freshwater pearls, with a platinum-plated pendant and a heart shaped toggle clasp. 

 I'd had these silver diamond shaped beads for ages and couldn't decide what to do with them, then one day they just decided that they would like to be earrings please, preferably with some pretty glass drops. So here they are.

 This bracelet might still go into the bridal section, I can't decide. It's tiny glass pearls with rose quartz chips and a lovely focal that was brought back for me from Japan. My friend was going on holiday so I gave her some money and asked her to see what she could find me. Trouble is, I love what she bought so much I don't want to use any of them!

 This necklace is totally one of a kind. The green beads were part of my winnings in a competition on the Bead Buddies forum, so I can't get any more because I don't know where they came from. Lovely sea green beads and focal, with silver glass diamonds.

 These beads are just divine. They are hand made lampworked beads, made by my friend Tan Grey, then etched to give them a lovely opaque look. The green has to be seen in real life, it is amazingly vibrant and zesty. When beads are this gorgeous all they need is a bit of silver to show them off.

While I'm here I'd like to give you an update about the badgers. There was a debate in Parliament on Wednesday, 'That this house believes that the badger cull should not go ahead'. It was straight after Prime Minister's Questions. The house was full for PMQ then as soon as that was over, the vast majority of the MPs disappeared, only to reappear when it came time to vote - having heard nothing of the debate at all. The Government had a three-line whip, which basically tells their MPs 'You MUST turn up and you MUST vote as we tell you'. So, having heard none of the debate, the Conservative & Lib Dem MPs voted against the motion - the final figures were 250 in favour of the motion [that is, against the cull] and 299 against [that is, in favour of the cull]. The last vote last autumn, when MPs were given a free vote, was 149 against the cull and only 28 in favour.

I don't know what upsets me more - that the cull will go ahead or that the MPs employed to run the country will vote on important motions without even bothering to listen to the arguments. Bit scary, isn't it? 

Please sign the e-petition against the cull. There are 248, 497 signatures so far, the biggest e-petition there has ever been. They have to listen to that - don't they?

I'm still arguing with my [Tory, in favour of the cull] MP. I don't mind him being misguided but choosing to be ignorant of the facts is a step too far. 


  1. I love your pink bracelet so pretty and elegant.

  2. Those brown earrings remind me of Conkers (in the nicest possible way)If only conkers stayed all shiny!

  3. You're right, they do! I knew they reminded me of something. I'm not keen on brown as rule but those agates are really lovely and very tactile.