Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hot town, summer in the city .......

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for a couple of weeks. I'm really not good in the hot weather, I tend to just shut down until it gets a bit cooler. I'm from a small seaside town in Ireland so I'm more suited to mists and fine rain, and warm scarves and chunky boots, not baking sunshine and flimsy summer frocks. I find the heat makes it very uncomfortable to bead, too. I can't concentrate if it's all stuffy and humid, and anything I do make usually turns out to be a bit of a dog's dinner.  

Far and away the worst part of the hot weather is having to go to work. The trains are unbearable, especially South West Trains in the evening rush hour. What do you do, SWT, have individual heaters on the seats? I try to get Southern trains instead because the journey may be a bit longer but some of the trains have air conditioning, which is gorgeous, and even the older trains have better ventilation. I think the managing directors of train companies should be forced to travel to and from work on their own trains, just to see how bad it is for the passengers. 

Oh, the passengers .... the trouble with public transport is that they let the public on it.  I get a very early train in the morning, before the main rush, and we have several regulars who work on their laptops, tapping away like little woodpeckers. And on the evening trains at the moment we have The Family Day Trippers.  When did it become acceptable for small children to sit when adults are standing? it's not unusual to see one family group occupying 8 or more seats, usually two adults and the rest are children, whilst adults have to stand. I do occasionally use a walking stick and just once in a while it would be nice to be offered a seat, instead of having to stand up while small children climb all over the seats, swing off the hand rails and generally cause mayhem. When I was a child, I would always be told to 'stand up and let that lady sit down'; why doesn't that happen now? And why on earth do they think it's acceptable to block the doors with empty buggies?

Enough whingeing. I haven't got a great deal to show you this week, because all I've been doing when I do finally get home from work is lie down in a darkened bath until sundown, but here are some pics of my current stock. 

This amethyst necklace has three larger amethysts as focals, which are the last of a string that my friend brought me back from Japan several years ago. The small rondelles are a lovely pale violet shade, then you get the big hit of purple from the focals. 

 I make a lot of these simple pearl earrings. This pair features more beads from Japan, this time some gorgeous gleaming pearls. I've teamed them with some sleek silver collars to make classically simple earrings for a bride or for day to evening wear. They look equally good with a work suit as they do with jeans or a party dress.

I really like these earrings. Silver coloured celticy hexagons are teamed with blue-green crystals that flash with peacock colours. Not much else to say really!

 I can't remember where I got these pinky-yellow beads, or the big silver beads either for that matter. I know I've had them both for a while but they suddenly just came together in these earrings. 

 These gorgeous oatmeal coloured jasper coins and the little stripey nuggets were part of my winnings in a sweepstake on my favourite beading forum, Bead Buddies. The coins are very tactile, lovely and smooth to play with.

This bracelet is an adaptation of double needle right angle weave and is made with peacock coloured seed beads and crystals. It's most likely a one-off because I can't quite remember how I made it!

Halfway through August; soon be autumn :-) Berries and crunchy leaves and frosty mornings ... can't wait!!

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